AI-based advertising  

Many changes to the search engine landscape and shifts in client strategies influenced improvements in campaign targeting, but also caused dramatic increases in cost. Competition is getting fierce with more and more spend are shifting toward mobile and, in the retail vertical, shopping ads. From increases in mobile ad inventory to the release of many new shopping ad formats, the race is on to stay competitive. There has been a significant increase of paid search and shopping cost per click (CPC) over time.

CORTEX aiADVERT is an end-to-end integrated AI-based advertising solution that enables significant higher click through rates which helps to drive much higher conversions and less CPC with relevant embedded advertising. The system consists of a server side business component containing the business logic and rules, a client side ad component responsible for advertisement placement on the publisher’s platform and data collection, a customer control-panel allowing customers to create ads and campaigns, access statistics and maintain their account, and an AI component to guide the advertising.

Relevant industries