Real-time AI solutions for IoT  

CORTEX aiOT provides real-time AI-based solution for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. AI is essential to tapping into the full potential and promise of the IoT. The purpose of IoT is to connect us more closely with the physical world and share information with us about the tools we use, the homes and buildings we live in, and the cars we drive. But without AI, the usefulness of this information would be limited by its own complexity and scale (in the order of billions of connected devices). When AI is applied to the IoT, the result is systems that infuse intelligence into, and learn from, the physical world. This is what can be defined as the Smart IoT. In addition to generating answers to numerical problems, AI systems can present unbiased hypotheses, reasoned arguments and recommendations. They understand an individual organization’s goals, and can integrate and analyze the relevant data to help individuals and businesses achieve those goals. Rather than being explicitly programmed, machine learning based AI applications learn from interactions with humans and their experiences with their environment in a non- deterministic or probabilistic way. This enables AI solutions to keep pace with the complexity, volume, and unpredictability of information generated by the IoT.

The Smart IoT enables fuller human interactions with people, fast tracking and extending of human expertise, the infusion of cognition into business processes, operations, products and services as well as enhanced discovery and exploration.

From an IoT functional point of view, CORTEX aiOT provides the augmented intelligence required to drive augmented behavior. The CORTEX AI Engine enables smart data for automated AI (Aggregate), automates AI (Analyze), and integrate AI into applications (Act).

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