AI Learning Assistant  

Though quality education will always require active engagement by human teachers, AI promise to enhance education at all levels, especially by providing personalization at scale. The application of AI to Education results in learning activities that are customized to each individual.

CORTEX aiLEARN provides an AI-based Learning Assistant that provides personalized coaching, factoring in all available structured and unstructured data, including the student’s learning goals, their current level of knowledge and their past learning experiences. Some of the enabling technologies include data collection, data mining, pattern recognition via predictive analytics and natural language processing systems. Innovative data management and secure smart data is also required to accompany a learner throughout the learning journey. Learning Analytics is key for adaptive learning environments to improve learner support and performance.

Some analytics uses cases include:

  • Assist learning process via the use of smart instructional content, longitudinal student data and human engagement
  • Predictive analytics identifies a learner’s academic strengths and weaknesses.
  • Prescriptive and content analytics capabilities recommend behaviour and content for learners aligned to their individual skills needs and learning styles
  • Help to improve retention
  • Mining growing library of education content
  • Content filtering
  • Content summarization
  • The machine learning system trigger serious behaviour issues etc. requiring specialist interventions

CORTEX aiLEARN ascribes to the following personalized learning framework with algorithms that process the knowledge represented in a domain model. pedagogy model and a learner model, a learner interface with content adapted to the needs and capabilities of the individual learner and capturing of the learner’s data such as interactions, achievements and affect, and data analysis of all available structured and unstructured learner data.

Relevant industries