Strategic AI-First Business Transformation & Optimization 


CORTEX aiRISK is an end-to-end integrated AI-based solution that provides smart risk scoring using all available structured and unstructured data. Amongst the many different types of risk applications, the most common ones are typically in the financial and healthcare industries, where credit risk is the prime example. In some financial applications such as mobile money within the telecommunication industry where credit history or credit risk related data might not be available, the risk profile of a customer can for example be inferred and updated using data from their mobile wallet and call direct records. It has shown that the predictive power than can be generated from event level data far surpasses that which can be generated from aggregated data, resulting in much more effective models and decision strategies. This is because the higher resolution data allows creation of potentially hundreds or thousands of features to which the predictive models have access. As the market evolves, and as customer behaviour adapts, it is important for CORTEX aiRISK’s machine learning based solutions to have a wide variety of signals from each customer in order to learn these changing behaviours and how these affect credit risk, product uptake, upsell, cross-sell and other customer responses.

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