Personalized AI-based Search 

Networked humans today have a far higher information intake then the average person a few generations ago. A crucial application of cognitive automation today, and in the future, will be the filtering and distillation of the information we consume. AI will be our interface to an increasingly information-intensive world.

CORTEX aiSEARCH is one of the first products in the CORTEX AI Library that starts to address this filtering need and more specifically provide personalized AI-based Search with feeds and notifications based on user preferences.


Some of the core features include:

  • Ability to configure personalized search themes, topics and keywords
  • Automatic identification of keywords related to a search theme
  • Ability to specify where to search
  • Multi-language search capability
  • AI-based refinement of searches based on user inputs confirming certain results and rejecting others
  • Feeds and notifications based on user preferences
  • Proprietary search, calculations, and filtering on domain data and metrics
  • Ability to identify associations and relationships to build networks or trends
  • AI-based based query and web page classification
  • Multi-user access for enterprise based implementation

As CORTEX aiSEARCH can be applied across multiple domains and use cases, it is relevant for personal use as well as business users in all industries. In one of the current implementation, this solution is used to support a company’s AI-based search needs in accordance to the features as outlined above. Apart from configurable personalized search themes and keywords, feeds and notifications based on user preferences and other features listed, the scope of multi-language search included secure websites with login authentication and specific types of sites such as those dealing with patents, venture capital, megatrends, academic papers, etc.This is all in support of the company’s research,functional innovation, business initiatives, new operating models, and the gaining of relevant insight into global trends and developments across the globe.

Relevant industries