The Cortex Logic solutions are separated into 4 domains, each servicing a unique part of the AI needs spectrum. Listed below are the Cortex Logic Solutions offerings.


Smart personalization of customer products and services

Transforming traditional credit and insurance risk scoring for financial services and healthcare sectors

Real time customer loss prediction and mitigation

Dynamically optimise and predict personalised pricing of products in real time to increase market share

Smart recommendation engine to increase cross-sell and up-sell opportunities with built in purchase prediction

Real-time Customer Insights, Segmentation & Social Network Analysis

Improving debt collection performance


Helping people and businesses work smart at scale

A personalised, proactive and intelligent search engine providing significantly enhanced and relevant results for internal or external content

Intelligent virtual assistants such as chatbots and robo-advisers to automate key B2B and B2C customer processes

Understands, classifies and automatically processes email, attachments and meta data at scale

Augmenting employee productivity, selection, retention, turnover detection, lifecycle profiling, risk, performance and change management

Intelligent assistant providing personalised coaching, incorporating learning goals, current level of knowledge and past learning experiences


Smart automation and enhancement of business processes & systems

Realtime detection and prediction of anomalies in industrial processes, operations, systems and equipment

Realtime causal analysis of variation in production KPIs to identify corrective intervention strategies

Process optimization and predictive maintenance on key assets

Realtime detection & prevention of intra / extra fraudulent transactions and behaviour in your business

Combating cyber threats and attacks in realtime using continuously evolving smart countermeasures


Enabling smart machines to sense and interpret the world around us

Identify, track and interpret video content for anomalous behavior and automation in occupational and residential environments

Converts audio to text in a cost effective way to be used in customer sentiment, risk and quality assurance applications

Identifies, extracts, monitors and assigns addresses to buildings and informal structures from satellite and aerial imagery

Augmenting real time sensor data at scale for intelligent insights, decision making and automated actions

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