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Dr Jacques Ludik did a keynote address “AI-driven Digital Transformation to help Business and People Thrive in the Smart Technology Era” at BPESA Global Business Services (GBS) Investors Conference 2022 Herewith a link to the presentation: He has also given examples of AI for social good applications such as Vive Teens ( and Journey Wellness ( Paper back copies of his book “Democratizing Artificial Intelligence to Benefit Everyone: Shaping a better future in the Smart Technology Era” was also made available to conference participants and some winners of the BPESA Alchemy Awards. ( For access to the paper back, electronic, and audio versions of the book, see See also the “Democratizing AI” Newsletter Cortex Logic Cortex Group Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa | MIIA #artificialintelligence #artificialintelligence #business #digitaltransformation #people #ai #technology #future #wellness #africa #intelligence #democratization #southafrica
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