Artificial Intelligence: Opening Pandora’s Box on Ethics – IITPSA Webinar – Oct 2021

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Artificial Intelligence: Opening Pandora’s box on #Ethics! Dr Jacques Ludik ( participated in this #IITPSA Webinar with Johan Steyn and Renée Cummings on 28 October 2021. Video:
In this #IITPSA webinar we discuss the important issues and considerations around the smart technology era. Hosted by Johan Steyn – AI & robotics special interest group chair with the IITPSA, we will be joined by Renée Cummings (from New York), a criminal psychologist and AI ethicist, along with Dr Jacques Ludik, Founder & CEO, Cortex Logic & Cortex Group; Founder & President: Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa (MIIA) and author of Democratizing AI to Benefit Everyone. Jacques Ludik Podcast: Jacques Ludik’s new MAIN YouTube Channel: Jacques Ludik’s new CLIPS YouTube Channel: Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa | MIIA, Cortex Logic, Cortex Group, Vive Teens,
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